Shakespeare Competition

Shakespeare Competition

The Shakespeare Competition cultivates the art of theatre, dance, and music by providing active observation of peer and professional performance, educational creations based on Shakespeare’s works, and personal evaluation by working professionals.

2023 Competition

October 5-7, 2023

**IMPORTANT**The schedule below is in draft form. We are getting all of the entries onto the schedule, but have not yet accounted for scheduling conflicts submitted through the “conflict” form. Please know that the schedule is in draft form and WILL change over the next couple of weeks as we work through the form responses. Please submit any conflicts through the form.

Adjudication Schedule Dance Schedule/Info

2022 Shakespeare Competition Video

Thank you and congratulations to all the schools and teams that joined us for our competition last year! We look forward to seeing you again at this upcoming competition!

Important Updates

Please check back frequently for updates.

Sep 27, 2023

Music Educators,

Sign ups for Choral Coachings with SUU’s Dr. Andrew Briggs available here

Sign ups for Choir Swaps available here

Available masterclasses on Saturday from 10:00am-11:00am AND 11:00am-12:00pm:

How To Nail An Audition- Jewly Krause

Vocal Technique- Dr. Rhea Miller

Available masterclasses on Saturday from 1:00pm-2:00pm AND 2:00pm-3:00pm:

Expression in Singing- Kristin Briggs

Movement For Singers- Jenny Rowley

Sep 22, 2023

Good Day Teachers,

We are shifting away from emails and utilizing the competition website for most updates and announcements. So please check the “Important Updates” section on the homepage of the website often. The Adjudication Schedule is currently posted on the homepage so you can plan for the weekend. You can see all of your student entry codes on your registration page. Simply log in and then click on “Step 3” to see the letter number combinations assigned to your students.

We are so excited for the upcoming weekend to celebrate Shakespeare and the arts. Some important information is included here, please read it and if you have questions, email me a separate response so it doesn’t get lost in this thread.

*Please make sure to pick up your packet as it has your remind codes, student certificates, map and other important information for the weekend

Thank you for bringing your students this year, we are very excited to see you soon!

Sep 18, 2023

Tech Olympic sign-ups are open HERE - please sign up at your earliest convenience

Sep 18, 2023

Please check the “Adjudication Schedule” found HERE for your students and groups. I have gone through the “conflict form” responses and attempted to eliminate conflicts.

Sep 8, 2023

Registration is due no later than 11:59pm today. We will not be allowing late registration as we need the time to build the best competition possible.

Sep 6, 2023

Music Ballots have been updated. Please review the sample music ballot here.

Also, please be aware that some ensemble scene spaces such as the Starlight Room, the Church Auditorium, and the Adams Theatre will not have masked “offstage” areas.

Sep 5, 2023

Registration closes THIS Friday 9/8/23 at 11:59pm - Please make sure to get your team registered before this end date as there will be no late registrations accepted.

Aug 25, 2023

2 weeks remaining until registration closes. Remember to get your team registered prior to September 8th. Also, if you need your password reset in order to login to the registration site please email me at

Aug 21, 2023

Registration is open today through September 8th - please make sure to register during this 3 week period as no late registrations will be accepted after the 8th.

Aug 16, 2023

Tentative Division Assignments can be found HERE

Aug 1, 2023

Registration for the 2023 competition opens in 20 days, and will only be open for 3 weeks. In order to register you must have completed the intent to participate form. Please email us if you missed completing the intent to participate, we can still add you, but won’t be able to do so once registration opens on the 21st of this month.

June 13, 2023

Thank you to all for completing the “Intent to Participate” form, this is incredibly helpful in planning, scheduling rooms, estimating the number of judges needed, etc. Have a great summer!

June 2, 2023

Intent to Participate form will close on June 9th. Please complete it this week. It can be found here:

May 8, 2023

Intent to Participate is now open - Please complete it by June 9th Click here:

February 16, 2023

Thank you so much for all of your feedback regarding the 2022 competition. We have reviewed feedback from you, SUU, the USF Education team, and others to better learn how we can improve the competition experience. As a result of the feedback, we have made several substantive changes to the competition and revised the “Rules and Regulations” to reflect both large and small changes. Please note that the revised document is attached here. I know it is a very long document, but would plead with you to read it in its entirety. 

Also attached is a letter to superintendents asking for their help with transportation. If transportation is a concern in your district, please feel free to share the attached letter with your superintendent. 

We attended a meeting with the Lodging Association of Cedar City to express concerns about hotel room costs, minimum night stays, and booking policies that might preclude students from participating in the competition. Our comments were well received and we are hopeful that prices and policies will be more accommodating.

Some of the bigger changes we have made to the competition are as follows:

  1. We will not have a finals round in 2023.
  2. Divisions have been realigned. (See revised rules and regulations for details)
  3. Scoring will be numeric only with the old ranking system only utilized to break ties and that will happen in the tabulation room. Judges will no longer rank students 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc…in a round. The numeric scores do that on their own.
  4. Competition events will be held Thursday-Saturday.
  5. Acting Individual Events (monos and duo/trios) will have their first round on Thursday evening, second round on Friday evening, and third round Saturday morning 
  6. Workshops will be returning. These will only happen on the Saturday of the competition.
  7. We have a new and exciting website for ALL THINGS competition: Here you will find important forms, registration, and all other information regarding the competition.

2023 Shakespeare Competition Master Schedule


Master Schedule Google Sheet

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