Frequently asked questions about Shakespeare Competition.

What are the dates of the competition?

October 5-7, 2023

Who can compete?

Students enrolled in the current academic school year. The ONLY exception to this is in the Essex Division for students participating in homeschool groups, alternative schools, and after-school programs/studios/groups. These students must be 18 or younger. Students may not compete on more than one competition team.

Where is the competition?

The competition is hosted by Southern Utah University and the Utah Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City, Utah. Events are scheduled in various locations in Cedar City including the SUU Campus and other venues with performing spaces such as the Heritage Center.

How do we register?

An Intent to Participate form should be submitted by August 18, 2023. (This is available on the “Forms” page.) Registration must be submitted online at competition.bard.org no later than 11:59 p.m. Friday, September 8, 2023. No changes of entries will be allowed after September 8, 2023. All registration information can be found here.

How much does it cost to compete?

The base registration fee for each participating team is $200. Each additional competitive category (dance, music, tech) is $75.

Registration fees are waived for all Utah public and charter schools thanks to the Utah State Office of Education (Professional Outreach Program in the Schools) grant.

Do my students need to be available the entire weekend of competition?

Yes - teachers and students should plan to be present the entire weekend. This helps alleviate scheduling conflicts, so please plan on all of your students (Dance, Acting, Tech, and Music) to be present all three days of competition.

How many students can compete?

Acting Monologues: 3 participants

Acting Duo/Trio Scenes: Two groups of 2-3 participants

Acting Ensemble Scenes: One scene of 4 or more participants

Dance Duo/Trio Dance: One group of 2-3 participants

Dance Ensemble Dance: One group of 4 or more participants

Music Troubadour: One group of 1-5 participants (Instrumental, vocal, or both)

Music Minstrel: One group of 6-10 participants (Instrumental, vocal, or both)

Music Canzonetta: One group of 10-16 participants (Vocal)

Music Madrigal: One Group of 17+ participants (Vocal)

Tech Olympics: One team of 1 to 8 participants

Portfolio Competition: 3 participants

There is no limit to the total size of group any school can bring to the competition as long as you adhere to the numbers in the above descriptions.

Can I bring non-competing students?

Yes you can!

Can students compete in multiple events?

Kind of. There may be scheduling conflicts if students compete in multiple categories (i.e. acting, dance, tech, and music), but schools can let us know ahead of time of potential conflicts on the Schedule Conflict Form, and we will do our best to avoid overlap. Students may not compete in both Acting Monologues and Acting Duo/Trio as they compete at the same time.

Do I need props and costumes?

Use of props and costumes is optional. Scenes will not be judged based on costumes, make-up, or props.

Can my team rehearse on the stage before the performance?

No. Unfortunately, because of limited space and the large number of students we cannot accommodate rehearsal space or time. To create a level playing field, schools cannot rehearse in the space even if the school finds the space empty and not being used.

What time and where can I check-in at the event?

Check-in will be held upon arrival Thursday afternoon. Location & Time TBD.

When should I book my hotel?

ASAP! Once Cedar City hotels have been booked, other areas to consider are Parowan, Hurricane, Brian Head, Beaver, and St. George.

What Utah Shakespeare Festival performances will take place during the competition?

Coriolanus, Timon of Athens, Emma The Musical, and The Play that Goes Wrong

Please see bard.org or call our ticket office (800-PLAYTIX) for tickets.

Is there a discount for group tickets?

Yes. Anyone associated with the Shakespeare Competition will get 50 percent off all Utah Shakespeare Festival performances. Call the ticket office for more information: 800-PLAYTIX

What Southern Utah University performances will take place during the competition?

Twelfth Night

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