The production showcase features selected performances from acting, dance, and music in different venues. Each production showcase will feature a variety of performances from a variety of divisions. The production showcase occurs Saturday afternoon, and all invited performances will be notified beforehand.

Showcase is an opportunity to celebrate the work at Shakespeare Competition. In 2024, four themes have been selected to represent the creativity and variety that competitors bring to their performances. Judges identify work in each round they believe exemplifies these themes. These selections have no correlation with points or winners. The tabulation room makes the final determination as to which selections are seen in each of the 4 venues based on availability. Schools choose which showcase they attend.

NEW In 2024-Showcase Themes!

  1. Clashes & Conflict

2. Innovating the Canon

3. Celebrating Love

4. Bringing History to Life

5. Dance (Per participant request and space suitability, there will be a dance-only Showcase in the Ballroom)

*The intent is to celebrate the diversity of work, please do not feel you have to orient your pieces or selections to these themes.

In 2024, Showcase will feature more performances and will be approximately 1 hour in length.

Production Showcase Schedules

TBD 2024

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