Competitors at the Shakespeare Competition are divided into six divisions: Buckingham, Oxford, Cambridge, Stratford, Essex, and Westminster.

Any school, public or private, is eligible to participate in the competition.

No student may compete for more than one school or group.

Buckingham, Oxford, Cambridge

The public high school divisions are determined by grades 10 to 12 enrollment. Schools should not count ninth graders in their enrollment total, but are welcomed and encouraged to have ninth graders compete as part of their team. The largest third of schools will be assigned to the Buckingham Division, the next third to Oxford, and the smallest third to Cambridge.


The Stratford Division includes any junior high school or middle school regardless of school enrollment. Schools with enrollment that includes high school and junior high school grades should register as two separate schools, one in Stratford and the other in the appropriate high school division.


The Essex Division includes schools or groups that are not members of state middle school or high school associations. This includes homeschool groups, alternative schools, and after-school programs/studios/groups. If you are a school, all students must be currently enrolled in the academic school year. If you are a program, studio, or group, all students must be 18 or younger.


The Westminster Division will be composed of all private, parochial, and charter schools regardless of enrollment.

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